Friday, November 6, 2009

Apparently Zombies Don't Like Water, But Can Dance

Hello, and welcome to another issue of "Sharing Our Subconscious" with your hostess, Stephanie! Today we'll enter the mind of a seriously disturbed individual who obviously watches too much news and B-rated horror:

::pan into my face::

"Um... hi. My name is Stephanie. And this morning, um, I woke up from this really like weird dream. The world had been like taken over by zombies, and I was part of a small nomadic group of people who hadn't turned yet. We were, um, traveling along this road when this bunch of kangaroos hopped up. They weren't zombie-kangaroos, just regular kangaroos, except they could talk. They were all girl kangaroos, except for this miniature one who was a boy, but he was the leader and as we were passing a pond surrounded by cattails, the boy kangaroo told all these girl kangaroos they had to go take baths, and so we, the people, decided we'd go hang out with the kangaroos by the water too, because for some reason zombies are afraid of water. Anyway, while we were there, a few of us were sitting around on the shore watching the kangaroos bathing when suddenly this overstuffed old easy-chair haunted by the spirit of Michael Jackson appeared. We weren't scared, but we thought it was sorta cool, so we started talking to him, and it was like he was transmitting from somewhere... not actually there, y'know? And he was literally inside the chair, like we could see the outline of his face in the upholstery, and he was wearing sunglasses. We were asking him questions, and I asked him where he was, and he said he was in hell because he had had an affair with a woman and when the kids had been born he had married her but he didn't love her. Yeah, I dunno. But it was really sad the way he was talking about someday hoping he could get out of Hell and go be with his kids again, so I was getting all choked up and crying. Then someone pointed to a group of town homes built by the pond, and on one of the lit balconies of these town homes, a bunch of zombies were doing the dance from Thriller, and I pointed it out to Michael and was all "Look! Isn't that awesome? You know, I memorized that dance for my wedding!" (which is actually true) and he nodded and gave a sad little smile. So then we were in this vacation house with a pool when this other group of survivors of the zombie-ism came to meet us. For some reason I knew that we met up with them every year, only this year was different. This time, one of them was in a wheelchair, with his hands tied down and he looked like he was halfway-zombiefied because he was really pale and just being mean to everyone. And two more of them came in but suddenly started arguing and as they were fighting their skin on their faces started to turn weird colors and droop like wet clay. I had a teenage son who I was holding onto by a leash, and the two fighting guys were between him and I and I started to pull him over to me except he stopped and said "Mom, don't you think we better not interrupt these guys until we know what's going on?" So I was like "Oh yeah" and stopped pulling him and waited to see what would happen."

Well, folks, that's all the time we have for today! I hope you enjoyed this edition of "Sharing Our Subconscious" with your (deranged) hostess, Stephanie!

::theme music::

Yes, yes, I actually did have that dream last night. Please don't ask, I don't even know how to begin to answer.

In other news, I'm having a fairly interesting day. I say interesting because some parts are great and some are not so great. Ready for it? Here I come with another set of bulleted lists! (I love these things!)


* Since I will be busy with a writers conference in DC tomorrow and working a BCMD childcare gig from Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon (i.e. staying in Baltimore for several nights), Johnny stayed home from work to spend the day with me today.

* I got Einstein for breakfast, and bought a pair of cute boots to replace my tired old black heels.

* Johnny got paid today so we could finally buy milk again! I am SO making coffee tomorrow morning!

* I enjoyed reading several zany and beautiful stories by talented classmates for my Art of Narration class. I love it when schoolwork is fun.

* Due to the convenient excuse of a youth fund-raiser, we will be buying Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight. Yummyness!


* The two kids I babysit are sick, possibly with swine flu, and that makes me very sad. :(

* I'm not very much looking forward to the insane two weeks ahead which start tomorrow and don't end until the Saturday after next with the completion of my finals.

* In an effort to keep from going crazy, I tried to get all of my work for this week done early so that I could start focusing on next week's work. Well, I thought I had been successful in that little endeavor, only to find that mid-week, my writing teacher decided to up and change the requirements completely for our final project. Meaning the two page essay I already wrote and posted now needs to be discarded and I have only tonight to do another essay unless she decides to have mercy and change the deadline. Grr! ::assuming a yoga position:: It's almost over, it's almost over, it's almost over.

In other news, I had an absolute blast for a few minutes this afternoon chasing my cat around the house and playing "catch the reflection" with him using the computer screen and the late afternoon light. You can't beat a cat for wonderful randomness. He's getting so big though. Funny how things tend to live up to their names. I didn't know this at the time, but apparently Bean, the character I named him after, starts out very small (as did my Bean) but gets huge as he gets older... like giant-level. Go figure.


  1. For future reference, did you know you can make Kraft macaroni and cheese without milk? Mayonnaise is all you need. I speak from experience.

  2. Very interesting dream...

    Enjoy your coffee tomorrow morning. I don't know what I'd do without coffee every day.

    FYI, you are my 25th cup of virtual coffee today. Sure did have a great turnout for Company Girl Coffee today!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, awesome dream! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'd like to know what you ate the night before....

    I just wish I could remember my dreams...they vanish as soon as I open my eyes. I only know that they never make any sense.

  5. My dreams are never so detailed. Interesting!
    Have a great week!