Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finals and Thanksgiving and Christmas, Oh My!

So I feel like most of my blogs this month have been kinda whiny. Okay, okay... very whiny. I apologize to anyone who has had to read all that complaining. I tend to get very complaintive when I'm stressed, and only focus on the bad stuff. But just to make up for it, I'm going to spend this blog focusing on the good stuff.

For instance, I had the fastest recovery from an illness that I think I've ever had. This may be because I was actually staying at home and resting, versus going to work/church, etc., anyway. Thank goodness for the hype about Swine Flu. It turned out to be a couple days of fluctuating fever and some coughing, but that's about it. However, the panic going around about how easily it spreads inclined me to stay home, which means I had all the time in the world to sleep and take meds and get better. Praise God for perversely helpful circumstances!

Let's see... what else can I dwell on? Hmm... oh, how about this: my best friend is now on Facebook! Woohoo! While I was sick, I got pretty depressed, so I started calling her almost every day. It's usually a few weeks between times when we catch up, so this was a welcome reunion She's making plans to come out and spend a week with me when I graduate, and I'm already making grandiose plans for visiting New York with her and my mom and renting a hotel room and going out to coffee every morning... yeah, we'll see if I can actually afford all that when the time comes. But still, I'm very excited.

And of course, perhaps one of the best things to dwell on: Thanksgiving is coming up! Now I used to hate Thanksgiving, partly because as a child I seemed to always get sick the week of Thanksgiving, so I couldn't eat all the yummy food. But since I married Johnny, Thanksgiving has come to hold a whole different significance to me: camping! Every Thanksgiving, Johnny and I, his dad, and whatever other uncles, cousins, and friends who want to come head down to the mountain property in Virginia and spend three days "roughing it" (i.e. stuffing our faces with yummy food around a warm campfire and hiking). It's literally my favorite time of year., and it's so close now! Only ten days away!

Oh, and I need to throw one out to my GA girls! Miss Taylor and I managed to run the GA Winter Lock-In (I know, a little early this year) with just the two of us. And it was largely a success! Christine was at home with the hubby, having some rough times, but Taylor and I managed. And I'm so proud of us for getting everything done, especially after having just recovered from the flu!

Finally-- pardon the pun, lol-- finals are on Saturday. Yes, they're on Saturday-- and Saturday only-- this semester, which is a stinker (especially since I no longer have to worry about taking a day off work to go to them). Now technically, that doesn't feel like a good thing, but really it is; once I complete these two finals, I have just one more in December and then I'm home-free... completely done with my bachelor's degree! (Now if only I could use the dumb thing to get a job... oh wait, no whining. I gotcha!)

And the last thing to give my title full significance: Christmas is coming up! There are so many things I've been wanting/needing the last few months that our budget has been too tight to warrant buying (such as new underclothes, the heels of my favorite shoes fixed, more tea from Teavana, etc.). Now that Christmas is here, I might actually be able to get some of those things without spending any of our money! True, I'll have to find money for the gifts we're supposed to be giving. But I can always count on Christmas to bring at least one gift card or check, which will be, to my cash-starved lifestyle, like finding buried treasure! :)

Okay, well, I think I've un-complained enough now. Before I'm tempted to change that, I'd better get off here and go study for those finals!

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