Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sorry about the alienish acronym title. That gobbledegook, according to a very reliable source, stands for "National Blog Posting Month," which is November, apparently. The rules, according to this source, are that if you post at least something on your blog every day of November, you can win a prize. Well, I'm already short by two days, but I wouldn't have the esteemed online blog-reading community thinking me un-American, so I shall attempt to keep up with the rest of the month from today on.
I am, at the moment, sitting in my soft pink bathrobe (the one Johnny got me three Christmases ago), eating coffee yogurt for breakfast (no, it's not very good), and thinking about an interesting dream I had. I dreamt I owned a mechanical horse. It was small at first, but once you mounted it, it grew to horse-size, and I was riding it every day around a place that was a cross-breed between Lancaster and the Boise foothills. Now, bear in mind that my dreams are usually full of terrible creatures, disappointments, death, and post-apocalyptic worlds, and you must admit that this was a pretty awesome dream to wake up to. I don't know why my dreams are always so depressing... and maybe this is a turn for the better.
So I watched a movie the other night. Now on the normal bases of language, violence, and sexual themes, I would never recommend this movie. But the story it told, and especially the main character, moved me to tears. The movie was called "The Red Shoe Diaries" with David Duchovny (gotta love D.D.!), and I identified more with the leading lady than I ever have with any other character in any other movie. She is who I was only a few years ago, and who I occasionally fear allowing myself to become again. Her passion and fears and obsessions drive her eventually to commit suicide, and while I don't see myself ever going that far now, there was a time when I was in the grip of equally powerful emotions. Anyway, it's just a thought. If you're in the mood for some romantic drama-- if you don't mind liberal doses of all the aforementioned nastiness-- check the movie out. You can find it on www.hulu.com for free.
So finals are coming up... I'm excited about that. But I'm nervous too. I spent nearly three hours yesterday searching for jobs on sites like Monster and Washington Post, and I really haven't found anything that piques my interest. I'm not even really sure what I'm searching for. What I would like most is to find a telecommuting position as an editor, but telecommuting positions for trustworthy companies seem in short supply. There are few, if any, publishing companies, especially in Maryland, large enough to be hiring staff, so that knocks that one outta the ring. Furthermore, the place I used to work (and would very much like to work again should the chance arise) is currently only hiring scientists, which I very much am not. Sadly, it looks like after all this work getting my stupid bachelor's degree, I am still pretty much back to square one: experience is the only useful thing, and I have none. Well, not unless you count watching kids, making lattes, and shelving. That's what I need to find: a job at an internet cafe/library. Ha! LOL. Actually... I do kind of miss my old job at Starbucks. Yesterday I resisted checking the SBux website for openings, but I' not sure how much longer I'll hold out. I know it's a dead-end job unless I want to end up working nights and weekends the rest of my life, but I really miss the company culture. And the free coffee. I wonder how much it costs to start my own cafe? Not that cafes seem to do to well in Maryland. Now in Idaho, that kind of thing would take off. Ah, well... thus the danger of relocation.
Anyway, my coffee yogurt is gone now, and I have a load of homework waiting to be done, so I had best leave this off before it gets too full of fragmentary sentences and parenthetical statements. Ciao!

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