Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dusting Off the Ol' Soap Box

Okay, here goes for my second attempt at a NaBloPoMo post.
I am SO tired this morning. I prefer to blame it on the fact that I have no milk to put into the coffee I am so desperately craving. However, I must admit that I did stay up just a tiny bit late last night applying for jobs, putting together a portfolio of articles for submission, and chatting with Steve and Vickie. Roughly translated, a "teeny bit" means 2:30 am. I know, I know... very dumb. But I prefer to see it as paying in sleep what I made up for in blessings of companionship. ;)
And I did, at least, apply for one job. It's a position as an editorial assistant in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Naturally, they'll have to offer me a huge amount of money for us to actually consider moving out there, as Johnny would have to give up his job at SGT. But it's a position with a company whose parent company is Pearson Media, which also owns Penguin Books and Pearson Education, either of which could be a gem when it comes to getting my foot in the door to the editing business. If I was able to take this job, I would be ecstatic. However, It would probably also mean leaving FBCL and most of our friends, so my excitement would be tempered by sadness... anyway, no point in counting unhatched eggs, so I'll just give it up to God, knowing he works out all things for the good of those who love him. And I do! So I'm golden!
In other news (literally, FOX, to be specific) I found out this morning that in the 31 states in which gay marriage has been put to a vote, it has always been turned down. Now, at the risk of getting some particularly nasty notes, I am going to talk about my feelings on this issue and pray that anyone with an opposite opinioon who happens to visit my blog today will extend me the same grace I shall try to extend them. All I have to say, really, is that this information made me feel better. Truth be told, I don't like denying gays thier right to marry other gays. In fact, if it weren't for my biblical and personal convictions, I would probably never do so. However, the Bible does, in several places, explicitly state that homosexuality is a sin. So, being a Bible-believing Christian, I find it impossible to ignore that when asked to vote. I have heard that some people separate their religious views from their political views in an effort to maintain American objectivity in politics. However, I cannot do so. If my aim as a Christian is to become more like Christ, should I not then think like him, even on issues that are not particularly popular? And my personal issues with the gay marriage thing stem largely from high school: I used to run around with the "outcast" crowd in high school, many of which were so relegated because of their alternative sexual orientation. Because of my association and friendships with these people, I was usually assumed to be a lesbian myself, which was-- needless to say-- highly annoying. First of all, it irritates me when people assume to know anything about a romantic life they are not at all involved in. Comments about the "homoerotic interplay" between two male characters in a movie when they are literally fighting (see "The Red Shoe Diaries" comments on Hulu) especially irritate the snot out of me. And now that I'm married, the idea of once again having to explain that "No, I mean I'm married to a man," fills me with annoyance. But before you assume I am either anti-gay or homophobic (and whatever connotations those may hold for you), let me expressly state that I do understand the gay rights movement. I understand that it must be difficult and maddening to fight for the same privilege that everyone else but you seems to have, the right to marry legally and enjoy the same tax, insurance, and legal benefits that every other couple receive. However, might I point out that perhaps changing the definition of an institution that is older than homosexuality itself might be the wrong way to go about this? Wouldn't it rather be much more effective to lobby for tax/legal/insurance benefits to be extended to domestic partnerships? This way, the gay crowd could get many straight non-married couples on their sides, as well as turning away much of the enmity of straight marrieds who don't wish to have to specify their sexual orientation on legal forms just below marital status. Just a suggestion. Regardless, I may vote against gay marriage, but it's not because I don't like gay people. They're just people, and I'm generally a people person. Chances are, I'd have just as much fun watching a chick flick or grabbing a latte with a lesbian as with a straight girlfriend, given the chance. I don't like denying anybody something they want, but sadly, faith isn't always about doing the things you like to do. Sometimes it's about choosing God's way of seeing something over everyone elses' be they the media, politicians, or minority groups. Still... it's nice to know that I'm not the only one voting against gay marriage. Like I'm somehow validified in my right to vote the way I see things as being right. Because believe it or not, the media gets to me. All these ads, blogs, books, etc. on how gay's are the next black civil rights wave who are being oppressed by white America does make me feel bad. Then again, I guess I should get used to feeling bad about the color of my skin. After all, by merely being white, I have shouldered since birth the responsibility for every evil that ever entered the world, right? Oh... don't get me started. ::sigh::
Anyway, I should probably step down off this soap-box before someone throws a stone, so I will hope that whoever reads this has a great day in spite of my yammering, and go and take care of my own business. Be blessed!

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  1. I appreciate your reasonable, peaceable approach to this hot-button issue. I wish more Christians were like this--respectful and uncompromising when addressing such important moral concerns.