Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Tis the Season for Martha-Stewarting

So I have just spent the whole day cleaning and baking. My bathroom looks fantastic thanks to a little ingenuity: I got the bright idea to set up our dehumidifier in there so the steam could actually dry off of things instead of just running down and ruining all my cleaning efforts. Even the cat brushing up against the toilet and bathtub didn't leave the usual swath of gray fur on my pristine white ceramic. I even managed to get all the laundry done (okay, almost, I have one more load in the dryer) and change the bedsheets. I think Rachel Anne would be proud of me. :)
Meanwhile, I am smelling the delicious smells coming from my kitchen in preparation for our church's annual Thanksgiving Breadfeast. It's basically a carb-centric potluck, and I went all out this year: pumpkin bread, mini-cinnamon rolls, and sugar-free pumpkin pie. I totally Martha-Stewarted it. Oh, and in explanation, I figured if McGyver (which I have recently and voraciously discovered) has become a verb, Martha Stewart should be one too. Hence, "I Martha-Stewarted it," meaning "I went all out like the perfect little kitchen goddess." And I did! The two pumpkin products were made from real pureed pumpkin, and the cinnamon rolls were handmade too, courtesy of my handy-dandy electronic best friend, Miss Bread Machine.
So I was telling my mom about this Breadfeast thing, explaining that before the eating, everyone sits in the sanctuary and they pass the mic around so everyone can share what they're thankful for. I usually get up every year and talk, but for some reason this year I think I won't. I do have things to be thankful for, of course, such as being done with my bachelor's degree (by the end of next week, at least) and having figured out a workable solution to my job crisis for the moment (I might be turning my babysitting favor for Leia into a real job and watching another family from church's kids the other three days of the week; I'll know for sure about those by next week.) But for some reason I don't feel like sharing this year. Maybe it's just because I usually only share about church related stuff, like GA successes, and GA's been having a tough year so far. But partly, I think, it's because I want to keep my good news to myself, tuck it all inside and indulge in my own little private joyfest. God provides so wonderfully, and in such surprising ways (I literally felt like the idea for the job issue hit me like a two-by-four between the eyes on Monday), and I just feel like celebrating that between me and Him. I'm so blessed!
Mmmm... okay, temptation has gotten the best of me, I'm going to have to ditch you to go get some of that yumminess!

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