Monday, November 1, 2010

Kicking Off NabloPoMo

Okay, well, as a sleep-deprived new mom with relatives presently in town, I reserve the right to make this a pretty lame first NaBloPoMo post. I figure I'll just list whatever comes to mind and let that suffice for a first post. At least it's something, right?
  • Hannah is now 3 weeks old, as of 11:26 tonight. She is already smiling, lifting and holding up her head for periods of time, and scooting herself a couple feet along the floor. I'm not exactly the expert on babies, but I feel pretty proud of my little prodigy, since I'm pretty sure that's really early for any of those things to be happening.
  • My parents fly back to California tomorrow morning, after having spent a week out here helping me with the baby while Johnny was down in Virginia working. This week has been exhausting, and part of me will be relieved when they go back, to be able to sit around the house all day in my pajamas and playing Sims between feedings again. But I know I'm going to miss them terribly. It's always so long between visits, and this time it may be even longer since the next time I see them will have to be when we get the money together to go out and visit them in California. Sadness...
  • I have taken more photos in the past week than I think I ever have in my life.
  • Freecycling is the bomb diggity for getting rid of stuff I don't want, but it doesn't seem quite so effective for getting stuff from other people. My dad and I went to make a pick up today and the lady had forgotten to leave the goods on her porch and wasn't at home. And that was the first person who even got back to me about something I requested. ::sigh::
Speaking of Freecycling, I suppose I should go contact that lady to remind her to leave the items outside for tomorrow, so I will bid you goodnight. I promise to be more entertaining tomorrow.

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