Friday, November 5, 2010

Laziness and Twi'Leks

Company Girl Coffee and Day 5 of NaBloPoMo!
I woke up at 7 this morning, just as Johnny was leaving. I heard the front door close as I got out of bed. I was a little annoyed with that, since I had wanted a goodbye kiss. I guess that sorta threw me off my groove, because it's now 11:00 and I haven't even showered yet. I did manage to drink my two cups of coffee and write up a character for roleplaying, though, so I guess the morning hasn't been a complete loss.
My husband does this online play-by-post Star Wars roleplaying game with an old friend of his from Lewiston. Recently he told me they needed more characters, and I've been kinda interested in playing. It took me a while, but I finally got around to asking Johnny's friend if he would let me play, and he said sure, so I typed up a character sheet this morning. I went way overboard on her background story though. She's a Twi'Lek (a colorful humanoid species with two tail-like things growing out the back of her head-- you might remember a green one from Star Wars Episode 6), with a sad history of enslavement, love, and loss. Just for kicks I'll include the background I wrote up at the end of this post. Anyway, writing that story really got me in the mood to do more writing. I've been slacking on my novels,most notably the one about the mage with amnesia. I really need to finish that one, especially since I've sort of placed a mental block on all my other stories till that one is out of the way. It's not that it's a particularly good story-- quite the opposite actually: I cringe every time I go back and reread it. But it's my oldest novel, and closest to being finished, so once I get it done I can put it aside without feeling like a terrible author and work on something of hopefully a little better quality. But I don't know when I'll be able to work on it. I have a long to-do list today, including addressing and sending out Hannah's announcements and making a Freecycle pickup. And the weekend's full already. Hmm... perhaps next week.
In other news, my work sent me flowers. I was sorta surprised, and-- I admit-- a little annoyed. I have this concept of my bosses being evil so ingrained in my head, that even though I know it wasn't thier idea (most likely it was the HR girl I'm friends with who came up with the thought), it still bothers me that they would approve the purchase. Isn't that just twisted? Plus, the flowers make me kind of feel bad that I'm not planning on returning to work there. Oh, sure, I'll go back and give them the option to let me work from home. But I'm 99.999999% sure that they'll say no without even considering it, and I'll be free to find a job somewhere I like more, like Starbucks. (Mmmm, free coffee!) And I really, really, REALLY hate feeling bad about anything when it comes to them after witnessing for nine months how they treat people. Anyway, I'm not going to think about this anymore...
Hehe, Hannah is sitting here in my lap with the hiccups. Poor baby. She gets them at least once a day. More often two or three times. And she always looks so confused and frustrated, but it's so cute when she has them. I can't stop giggling! I'm such a mean mommy.
Anyway, here's the character sketch. Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

Name: Sirena Lekkuna
Type: Cantina Bouncer/Dancer/Waitress
Race: Twi'Lek

Sex: Female


Weight: 120lbs
Physical Description: Bluish-purple skin tone, violet eyes, lean, graceful, and muscular. She has a pale scar on her cheek just below her left eye.


I was born Nadaralek'una on my home planet of Ryloth, where my parents were poor rycrit herders. I was the second child born to them, one of a family of five, last I knew. There were too many mouths to feed, so when I came of age and my lekku were grown in, my parents struck a deal with the clan tradesman to have me sold to a traveling slaver. I was but ten years old.

The slaver sold me to the owner of an off-world cantina, who put me to work bussing tables and servings drinks to customers. When I got time to myself at night, I used to sneak out back and perform the dances of my people under the stars in order to maintain some link to my culture. One night the owner caught me dancing, and after the bruises from the beating he gave me for sneaking out had healed, he put me to work on the stage, dancing for customers in embarrassingly skimpy attire. One such customer happened to be the owner of a traveling stage show. After watching me dance, he approached my owner and made him an offer he could not refuse (aided, no doubt, by the surly presence of his two armed henchmen). That very day I was packed off with the showman.

The showman owned a small vessel, barely large enough to fit the entire cast and supplies. We traveled throughout the Outer Rim, performing for local crowds and nobility. The show boasted several Twi'Lek women, most of which shared a similar history to mine. Under their tutelage, I became a fine dancer, surpassing even their grace and skill, until finally the showman promoted me to the main act, calling me Sirena, Seductress of the Stars, or some such nonsense. But I enjoyed my job, and the perks of being the main act were handsome, including my own quarters on the little starship, and liberty to roam the local bazaars when we were not performing. It was in one such bazaar on the planet Saleucami that I met Mai Tooka, a handsome Wroonian. We hit it off and I invited him to attend a show I was performing that evening. He did, and only afterward did I discover that he was actually a lord of a local estate and a man of considerable wealth and power on Saleucami. He approached the showman and made him an offer for me. The showman, well aware of my value, turned him down outright. But after several days of consideration, in which the offer was substantially increased, while bolstered by the landlock placed on the ship at port via the lord's connections, the showman finally conceded and sold me to Mai.

I was dismayed at first to be leaving the only real family I had ever known. But Mai was kind to me, and upon bringing home to his compound, showered me with gifts and gave me the most decadent rooms I had ever seen. His one desire, he told me, was to have my love, and he would accept nothing else from me unless it was given in love. Mai was unmarried and had a selection of concubines of various races, but he did not touch them after I came into his home, assigning them to other tasks, or giving them their freedom to leave and find work. Loving Mai wasn't difficult: within a month, I was his main consort, a bride in all but name. I shared in his power within the estate and the servants did my bidding with all respect due to the mistress of a fine estate. Meanwhile, Mai taught me new worlds of knowledge: how to read and write in several languages, and even fencing and martial arts. He warned me that I may someday need to use these skills, as he had made several enemies on Saleucami through his shrewd dealings. I became an expert with a dagger, and could take down a full-grown man in unarmed combat.

Mai was wiser than he knew: one night I heard shouting and blaster fire outside the mansion. A moment later, as I was frantically donning my jacket and reaching under my pillow for the little silver dagger Mai had given me on the four-year anniversary of our meeting, Mai entered my room silently. He opened a passage in the wall that I had never seen, and directed me to follow it to the outlet three miles outside the compound. I begged him to go with me, but he refused, insisting upon discovering who it was that had the nerve to attack him in his home. He gave me a bag filled with money, weapons, and clothing and promised to meet me in two days at our penthouse in Oasis City. I made it to the penthouse unscathed and waited for a week. He never came. When I returned to the estate, there was nothing but charred ruins and ashes. Whoever had attacked our home had burnt it to the ground and left no trace of Mai or his fortune. I grieved for a while. Then I caught a ride offworld, intent on fleeing the Outer Rim and my past forever. I found a job on Coruscant, working as a dancer, waitress, and bouncer, as needed, for a thriving cantina. I still think of Mai, but I have little hope: I am sure he is dead. I do not look back.

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  1. My husband has been writing a novel about one of our roleplaying sessions. We've kind of been on a roleplaying break, but our core group has been itching to start up again. Making character backgrounds is my favorite part.

    Good luck with your new character. :)