Monday, November 8, 2010


That was a close one! I almost forgot to blog today! Only one week into Nablopomo, that would have been a disgrace! I really didn't do much today, actually aside from steaming the last three pumpkins we had on our balcony to make pumpkin puree for all the pies I'll be making for Thanksgiving. I actually made one pie today. It was rather yummy, though a tad undercooked. Sticking it back in the oven did the trick.

Since I really don't have much to talk about today, I thought I'd tell you about my dentist. We went to visit him today for our semi-annual appointment and cleaning. He always leaves me in a good mood, so he deserves at the very least an honorable mention. His name is Dr. Gregory Keating, and he is the dentist at Calverton Dental practice on Powder Mill Road in Calverton, Maryland.His office is run out of a renovated little house, and building retains the feel of a person's home. You enter into the living room and sign in, then sit and read magazines piled on a coffee table until you're called back to get your cleaning by one of their very friendly and chipper hygienists. Everyone there always remembers our names and sundry little details from our last visit. For example, I was 4 months pregnant at our last visit so when I walked in without the baby this afternoon (Johnny was getting her out of the car while I went to sign in) they were wondering where she was. They let us bring her carrier into the cleaning rooms with us, and took care to put her in the hallway while they did our x-rays, but where we could still see and hear her if she cried. They all cooed over her and exclaimed about how cute she is. Then doctor Keating came in and remarked on the same. He's a middle aged man, about the age of my parents, with a balding pate and a smattering of freckles across his fair face. He has pale blue eyes, and a gentle quiet voice, and he's nearly always smiling. He, too, always remembers our names, though he spends only 5 minutes with us every 6 months. Today, he joked with me, telling me to smile and then saying "Be still my beating heart! Oh, and you have very nice teeth, too. Look at me, flirting with you while your husband's right over in the other room. You can slap me when we're finished here." LOL. He always answers all our questions, and takes his time. He never seems in a rush, even when he has a house full of patients, and gives his full time and attention to us. My first impression of him was pretty stellar, too. See, he's a pretty great artist, and paints with oil and watercolors. At my first appointment I noticed this beautiful watercolor of the moon reflecting off a wooded lake, and I commented on it. He said he'd send me a print since I liked it, and the next week, it arrived in the mail, printed up professionally, and ready to be framed. He has his work hung all over the office, and it's all extremely good. I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the first to ask for a print. He also happens to be a God-fearing man, who goes to church every Sunday, and was just discussing working in the nursery with me this afternoon. He said he enjoys watching the little ones once a month.

Anyway... yeah... that's my dentist. Highly recommend him if you live anywhere close enough. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

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