Friday, November 12, 2010

A Steaming Mug and an Eager Pen

Hello, Company Girls! Happy Friday!
So I finally got around to setting up a Google Reader yesterday, which will hopefully help me keep better track of all the blogs I'm trying to keep up with. I figured I'd share the ones I'm following on here, in case anyone's interested in seeing what sort of blogs catch my eye:
  • Home Sanctuary: Obviously. Shout out to Rachel Anne! Curiously, I got another girlfriend of mine hooked on your blog because her second daughter has *almost* the exact same name. She's Rachel Anna! LOL.
  • Then there's two blogs by my fellow Company Girls, found via the previous blog. Roots of Simplicity and Watch the Grass Grow, formerly Emancipation of Me.
  • Who Said Anything about Common Sense?: Written by my good friend, Sunday School sister, and former boss (she actually paid me to play with her awesome kids-- can you imagine?! LOL), Alias: Leia. She's a fellow nerdette and Star Wars and Trek fan, so obviously I adore her.
  • Then there's the writing blogs: One Writer's Mind, Write To Done, and The I and the Not I. The first two I actually just added yesterday, but the last one I discovered some months ago via Leia's blog. Small world, how these blogs seem to lead one to another and so on.
I'm still looking for some good writing blogs, by the way, so please let me know in the comments if you've come across any!
Anyway, I've been thinking the past couple of days about getting back into my writing groove again (thus why I was searching yesterday for writing blogs). I think I've realized that, as with any important discipline, I would do much better at sticking to it and finishing my stories if I had some accountability. So I'm trying to think of some friends or colleagues I can get together into a writing group. I figured it'd be better than paying to do another creative writing class wherein I'd be given new assignments instead of being able to finish my own stories. What I really need is to set goals and have someone to hold me to them. Maybe this'd be a possibility with an online group. Any other aspiring authors or poets out there who feel the same way? Drop me a line!
And while we're on the topic of writing, if you're interested, please check out the post prior to this where I put a short-story I wrote. Fair warning: it's a bit disturbing. I can't seem to write short fiction that isn't. It's always some sort of twisted horror story or another. LOL. But as long as it's not somthing along the lines of "This is terrible/wonderful/too long," I'd love some comments and critiques.
Anyway, I'm outta coffee, so I'd best end this now... cheers!

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