Monday, June 18, 2012

Potty Training: Take Two (Day One)

So yesterday was both Father's Day and Hubby's and my 6 year anniversary. But things just didn't work out for us to be able to really celebrate the latter. In the morning he went out to play disc golf with a friend and in the afternoon his family was all getting together to have lamb burgers and celebrate the dads. By the time we got home we had to put Baby down for a nap and clean up a bit to get things ready for making dinner, and after dinner we had a vid-chat with Pappy (my dad). So when we were crawling into bed exhausted at 9pm, we agreed to celebrate our anniversary some other time. Hubby mentioned wanting to go away to spend a weekend at a cabin in the snow in WV, but I'm not so sure I'm okay with waiting six months to celebrate our anniversary...

Meanwhile, today marks Baby's and my second attempt at bare-bottom boot camp potty-training (Mommy was a little overly ambitious and tried it back when she was only 14 months old, which didn't work out too well.). So far, we're doing okay. She has sat on the potty several times today, with only one successful pee, for which she was awarded with one of Gramma's famous chocolate chip cookies. Our success rate started to wane the closer we got to naptime, which I suppose I should have expected. But she seems pretty enthusiastic about it, so that's a good sign. Thank goodness for hardwood floors, at any rate! Cleanup is so much easier! Big Boy (the 2-year old I watch in the afternoons), on the other hand, was far too busy playing to stay on the potty. Perhaps when Baby is potty trained, she will translate the coolness of it to Big Boy and he will be more excited about it?

I'm making some white chili for dinner tonight. I'll post the recipe tomorrow if it turns out well. Meanwhile, since I'm suffering from sleep deprivation brought on by Baby's middle-of-the-night playfest last night, I think I will just leave you with the slide show I made for my dad for father's day. Enjoy!

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