Friday, July 20, 2012

In Memorium: A Prayer for Forgiveness

I actually woke up this morning in a decent mood. Then I looked at my Facebook and discovered what happened last night.

Reading about the Colorado shooting gave me the weirdest sense of deja vu as I recalled a scene from a novel I read recently (Terry Brooks' Running with the Demon) in which a group of friends and coworkers in a small town sat around a table at a local diner discussing the ever more shocking and appalling things that happen in the news, and wondering if such things will ever occur in their own hometown. Later in the series, one of the main characters assures the heroine that mankind is indeed doomed to a very real Hell of our own making unless we start taking personal responsibility for each other, instead of looking out only for our own desires.

Reading about the 24 year old white male who broke into a movie theater only to gas and gun down the movie-goers in time with a shootout scene onscreen (Coincidence or not? Kinda makes you wonder if there's some connection between movie violence and psychotic behavior after all.), I am reminded that such things start with the small steps of forgetting that our fellow human beings are people, and not just means to our own ends, there to be used or tossed aside as we see fit. I know I have been guilty of forgetting this in my rush to get things done and achieve my own goals, and I am taking a moment today to say a prayer for God's forgiveness of my inhumanity. Meanwhile, in memory of those who died in this senseless tragedy, I am going to make an effort today and in the future to treat people not just as objects for my own use, but as brothers and sisters in my dear family, regardless of race, creed, color, or orientation.

What will you do to memorialize those that died yesterday and in other senseless tragedies?

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