Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Name Contest

Happy Independence Day!

Today I have decided to celebrate my American independence by pursuing happiness via a secret dream I've been treasuring in my heart for years: I'm going to open an Etsy shop to sell my crafties!

I dabble a lot in polymer clay jewelry and knick knacks, origami, and knitting, and have been known to make anything from cartoony teddy-bear nativity sets for Christmas to sculptures out of seashells and even origami earrings. I also plan on making some more nerdy stuff as I find the time... perhaps some Star Trek or Firefly themed stuff. I once thought about making a line of little pig figurines for each character in Star Wars, but I only got around to making Princess Leia Organic, All Natural Alderaan-Bred Pork.

I'm still putting together the particulars for the shop, but I have two major decisions left before I can launch it (I also want some cool pics for the banner and whatnot, but I have a friend who is a graphic designer and I can take care of that later).

1. I need an ear model. I'm thinking about asking my friend who lives in the neighborhood. She has a very pretty slender neck, and would make a great neck and ear model for my earrings. Or perhaps another friend of mine, who has the most gorgeous flaming red curls you've ever seen. (Sadly, I still suffer from the same rampant acne that troubled me as a teen, so, trust me, nobody wants to see pictures of mine!)


2. I can't come up with a good name. I want something that really reflects who I am and the things I treasure, but everything I can come up with seems kind of silly or overstated... nothing really meshes with the kinds of things I'm selling.

So, are you ready? Here is a big moment for me, both as a blogger and soon-to-be shop owner! I am going to host my first contest! With prizes even!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to suggest a name for my shop. No worries; I'll give you some ideas so you're not starting totally from scratch. You can enter as many name suggestions as you want until midnight on July 9th. Then I will pick one (or maybe none... who knows?), and whoever suggested it gets to pick a free pair from a selection of earrings in my shop (so make sure you leave your email address when you comment). Okay, ready, set... GO!

Here are some ideas I've already had to pull from my faves.

Ice cream
Little Bird (the meaning of my daughter's name)
Firefly reference (shiny, tightpants, browncoats)
Star Trek reference (something in Klingon would probably be pretty funny)
Medieval anything
Pirate anything
Something about me being a mom
A Bible reference (sorry, I can't pick just one!)
The ocean
Polymer clay (maybe a play on the word "polymer"?)


  1. I am terrible at names. Blue Host actually suggested the name of my blog when I was trying to buy a domain! I will think on this. Way to step out there!

    MB @newlifesteward

  2. How about Little Bird Creations? That's general enough that you could sell just about anything, but sweet and meaningful because it's a play on your daughter's name.

    Good luck picking a name!!

  3. Hi! Popped over from Home Sanctuary this morning. Bravo on opening a new Etsy store! Your polymer figurine is so good...I love the pun, but also the "movement" in her stance is really good, too. I can't wait to see more. I'm not very good at names, either. Being an artist too, I have always loved that the Bible tells about Bezalel, the extraordinary artist and man of God. How about "Bezalel's Apprentice" or something like that. "BFF's with Bezalel"? (Exodus 31:3) God bless you in using your creative gifts!

  4. We had a horrible time naming our store (Saveonhobbies) because you want it to be meaningful and also tell what you are about. I love Rachel's suggestion of "Little Bird Creations." You could combine "Little Bird" with your Pirate theme and call it "Little Bird's Treasures." That gives you room to sell a variety of things also.

    Best of luck to you! By the way, I still love to RP and thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)